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The biggest mistake a wedding photographer can make? Not utilizing systems in every aspect of their business. More specifically, the system I want to talk about is a wedding photography workflow.

If I’m being totally honest, I’ve made that mistake so. many. times. I for a good system, but I still get invested in things without laying the groundwork first… And it always catches up with me.

Back in the early years of my business, the stress, the missed deadlines, the 16+ hour workdays, the burnout… I could have avoided it all had I taken the time to make sure the backend of my business was running efficiently!

If this sounds at all familiar to you, too, I’m here to give you a little encouragement:

It’s never too late to get started with systems and workflows.

You deserve the freedom that goes along with confidently stepping into the CEO role of your business. The freedom to do all the things you love guilt-free. The freedom of knowing everything is running as it should be to help your business continue to thrive!

To help get you started in time for this year’s wedding season, I wanted to share a little something with you…

A FREE Wedding Photography Workflow!

This PDF includes my exact 16-step wedding photography workflow. From the time I send a proposal to a new client, right through until after I’ve delivered their photos and asked for reviews.

All YOU need to do is head to your favourite CRM system (mine is Honeybook!) and add each step into a new workflow. You’ll even find notes on each step with the timeframe I recommend using as you’re setting your triggers in between each! Add in your own email templates, and within a couple of hours you’ll have your very own wedding workflow.

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May 1, 2023

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