Show Notes: 025 The Importance Of Your Why with Jasmin Blais

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If you’ve been a wedding photographer for any length of time, I can almost guarantee you you’ve heard someone talk about figuring out your why. The reason why you’re a wedding photographer and why you started this business on this career path to begin with. I’ve even talked about it more than a few times on the podcast. It’s so important for so many reasons. And I talked about all of them and more with Jasmin from JC Photography, who was our guest on today’s episode, she and I chatted about how your why can help you do things like set boundaries, how it coincides with your values as a business owner, and how becoming a mom shaped Jasmin’s perspective about the mark she wants to leave on the world.

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You’re listening to Episode 25 of keeping it candid.

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(Intro Music) Welcome to Keeping It Candid. I’m your host, Sandra Henderson, an international wedding and family photographer and business coach. I help wedding photographers use systems to build out the back end of their businesses to gain control and continue to thrive no matter what life throws their way. And on a more personal note, I’m a strong Enneagram three weighing two who’s obsessed with tacos and my love for traveling combined with navigating chronic illness life are just two of the many things that drive my passion for all things systems, workflows, and beating burnout as a business owner. Join me every week for a candid behind the scenes look at what it’s really like working as a wedding photographer, where I’ll give you actionable steps to take your business to the next level. Absolutely no fluff here friends. So go grab your favorite notebook and pen and let’s dive into this week’s episode. (Music fades out)

Sandra Henderson 1:31
I am so excited to have you here! For everybody who is listening, they’re not going to know but we tried to do this interview once before, and then after my internet cut out on Jasmin three times I decided it was probably best to reschedule it so I could be more respectful of her time. So thank you so much for bearing with me, Jasmin, and I’m so excited to finally have you here for an interview.

Jasmin Blais 1:51
Yeah, me too. I’m so excited. I’m ready. I’m ready for it.

Sandra Henderson 1:55
Good. Oh, I’m so glad. And thank you for being the first official Canadian guests that we’ve had. I do have a local vendor series that by the time this episode comes out, local vendor series will have been out but this is my first official like non London Ontario interview with another Canadian. So super excited.

Jasmin Blais 2:14
Yeah, I’m so excited.

Sandra Henderson 2:16
Okay, well, before we dive in and start chatting, I would love it. If you could just take a second to let everybody know who you are what you do and something about you.

Jasmin Blais 2:25
Yeah, sure. So I’m based in Saskatchewan, Canada, Prince Albert, if anybody knows who that is, but yeah, I started photography back in 2012. And kind of really dove into it. And 2014 I primarily do wedding photography, as well as for education, and mentor other photographers. I’m a teacher by trade. So just Yeah, I just love it. And I really love the community, your competition. I really love connection and helping other people. And yeah, that’s kind of kind of the gist of me and why I’m so excited to be on your podcast today.

Sandra Henderson 3:08
I love that. Well, we started our businesses roughly around the same time. So I launched in 2013. And so I’m curious with having a love for our community over competition and just believing in that mindset, which I do as well. Don’t you find that things are so different now in that aspect than they were back when we were first starting out?

Jasmin Blais 3:28
Yeah, like and I think, yeah. Like, from my experience was, there wasn’t any community, like, you know, right. And it was a lot of trial and error. And I do think back to the time, I’m like, Okay, well, the benefit of that was it put me in situations where I really, really had to dig. And I really, really had to make some mistakes to learn. And that was great. I did eventually have a really great mentor, she was amazing. And we’re friends, dear friends today, but that kind of drove me into, into flipping that, you know, flipping that script and just kind of being like, why why is there such a scarcity mindset? You know, like, what, why are people so afraid to, to share what they do? You know, like, we’re gonna deliver a different experience because we’re two different people. So you know, why, why is sharing where the location that I shoot, or the preset that I use gonna make any difference to, to my services or losing any services? Right. I think there’s a client. There’s clients out there for everybody. And I think just changing that mindset is going to make everybody’s photography journey so much better.

Sandra Henderson 4:46
I could not agree more. You took those words right out of my head. I totally agree with you in every aspect. It’s not taking away from you at all to help other people out at the end of the day. What is going to set us apart is who we are and the service that we offer, not the photos that we’re creating. So I’m totally not all about keeping things secret. Like, if you want to know where I took this photo, then I’m going to tell you and go have fun. I can’t wait to see what what you do when you get there. Yeah, and

Jasmin Blais 5:14
I also believe it’s like, good karma. You know, like, I feel like, I feel like if you’re gonna withhold anything, and you know what, and to be fair, I used to be like that, because I was afraid of, of losing clients and stuff like that, for sure.

Sandra Henderson 5:27
And it’s all that we knew.

Jasmin Blais 5:29
Yeah. And it kind of, to say that I always was in this community mindset is not true. It just, it came, it came to a point where it was like, this is like, it’s silly to not share and stuff. And I think being a teacher, you know, for for like, seven years. It’s, that’s what we did. And that’s, that’s how we grew. And so I think it was just natural for me to kind of dive into that, you know, way of doing things in photography.

Sandra Henderson 5:59
Yeah, absolutely. Well, speaking of how things that happen in your personal life, have shaped who you are as a business owner, and as a photographer, how did becoming a mom change your mindset as a business owner?

Jasmin Blais 6:11
Yeah, it’s, it’s funny, for me anyways, when I had when I had children that I got under this, I became very, I don’t wanna say emotional, but I’m kind of like, for it. And not not just like, obviously, you know, the postpartum and everything from it, but just kind of my journey with it, and just kind of being like, what kind of world do I want my kids to grow up in? What kind of things do I want to model to my children, just to see them that, you know, trying and failing, and, and learning and treating others with respect that, you know, that’s important. And I felt like I, you know, I need to completely practice what I preach and really, you know, put that forth within my business and within my life. And that, I think, is probably the biggest thing that changed since I have had kids and also setting boundaries. That was one of the biggest things time was a big thing. You know, it passes so quickly, even though some days feel like years, but it passes so quickly. And I just wanted to make sure that where I was putting my time was where I felt, I could be away from my kids and not feel guilty about it, you know. So there were certain things I let go of, that I just felt didn’t really serve my time anymore. And then there was things that I just really, really took on, like wedding photography, I just really felt like, I loved that energy. And I loved being around it. And that was worth, you know, being away from my kids. Not all the time. But when I when I booked wedding, I felt okay about it.

Sandra Henderson 7:45
Yeah, absolutely. And I’m sure making those changes helped to your mindset and the time that you were taking to spend with your kids as well. I know from my side of things, I sometimes feel guilt in both directions. If I’m spending too much time working and overworking myself not sticking with those boundaries, I feel guilty for what it’s taking away from my family. And then if I am taking, you know, an extra few days off, taking a vacation taking a week off, then I start to feel guilty about it taking away from my business. So I’m sure that making those adjustments and feeling really happy and confident about the work that you were booking just left you in a mentally better place during that time that you were with your family.

Jasmin Blais 8:26
Yeah, totally. And it kind of makes you a little bit more present, you know, appreciating those moments that you do have with him. And you know, running a business is kind of one of those tricky things where setting boundaries, this is a big thing. I’m not an expert it by any means. But knowing you know, when when’s a good time to put that away, you know, doing things like putting time limits on your phone, and you know, just things like that not not having notifications pop up, unless you actually go physically into that app and, and check it out or whatever, you know, things like that. And one thing, one thing that I really think Sandra that is really important, whether you have kids or not is figuring out your values and understanding your why. And that is just one of the things that I recommend, honestly, and whether you run a business or you know, you set a goal or anything, I mean, everybody set sets goals, and I think understanding why you’re doing something, and the values that are behind it are really going to help you stay focused when you know obstacles come your way because it’s inevitable, like and I think, you know if there’s anybody that’s starting wedding photography, or maybe maybe early 20s, or just graduated or whatnot, you know, and they’re just diving into all those great and crazy life experiences, that there will be obstacles, whether that’s big or small, every single day you will have an obstacle you will have I don’t like to say to failures, but I’ll just say it for the lack of just kind of making not dragging this on again. But there will be times where you feel like you failed. And you need to have a reason why that you’re gonna keep going. You know, and that’s the first thing I think that everybody absolutely needs to do. Because it’s times are gonna get tough. And you got to figure out why why you need to keep going.

Sandra Henderson 10:19
Yeah, for sure that is so so important. I know I went through is such a huge part of my business where I didn’t really have a why it was just like, I always love photography. And I knew I wanted to start a business. But taking the time to just really like go back to the very beginning, no matter how long you’ve been in business for, I think it’s good to revisit. But just going back to like the very beginning, the very, like, base bricks that you’ve put together to build up your business, and just figure out why you’re doing this, why they’re there, what is driving you to keep going because like you said, that’s going to be what keeps you going during those times that are hard. And it’s inevitable, just like regular life running a business is the same way there are going to be days that are absolutely amazing. And then there are also going to be days that you will question Why the hell am I doing this? And so yeah, getting that mindset. And that mindset based around your Y is a game changer for sure.

Jasmin Blais 11:13
Yeah, yeah, exactly. And I think, and it’s okay, if that wide changes, and it’s okay, if your value changes, you know, my values now aren’t the same that they were 10 years ago, you know, and that’s good. And I think that’s great, because that shows growth, you know, and I think it starts with like self awareness and getting to understand yourself. And, and I actually did this activity recently, where you ask yourself kind of like, first date questions, and you just kind of just just kind of like, understand yourself more, and then you look back at them, and you’re like, oh, yeah, like, you know, that is my favorite color. Or, you know, I am a morning person, I’m not a night person. And, and it’s just funny, because it’s just, you know, for me, like I’ve been married to my husband, or sorry, we’ve been together since we’ve been 18. And I’m, I’m 32. And so like, the idea of first dates is just for me. So asking myself all these questions was just very interesting. And I think once you understand yourself, you’re able to identify those values. And you’re able to understand where your Y is coming from, and digging deeper into what your y is not just the surface. And that is one of the biggest things. In any season of life, I would recommend whether you have kids or not. So

Sandra Henderson 12:27
I am a huge like, lover of all things self discovery, I like know my Enneagram I know my Myers Briggs and like all the things and so I really totally agree with you that there’s so much value in self discovery, I love the idea of asking yourself first aid questions, my husband and I have been together for like 15 years, we did not have a first date either. So it totally seems foreign to me too. But just like that level of self discovery, it really opens up so much when you’re just trying to get through day to day as a business owner. And another thing that you said that really jumped out at me when it comes to boundaries, and like you were saying, like when you’re 20, your priorities are different. And that’s totally fine. Your values are going to change as you get older, they could change year by year, it could be you know, 10 years from now, but it’s going to happen as you get older, and setting those boundaries. And doing that self discovery helps you kind of differentiate what matters to you during those really busy seasons. And those really slow seasons and being able to embrace what both of those bring to the table so that you can adjust your boundaries a little bit more like you and I being in Canada, we have our spring and the summer are super busy and follows super busy. And then it’s really quiet over the winter. And so we have to, to a certain extent embrace the busyness that comes along with those periods, and kind of adjust our boundaries to accommodate that because, you know, we have to bring in a little bit more income during those seasons in comparison to a photographer who has beautiful weather 365 days a year. So yeah, that really stuck out to me as you were talking as well.

Jasmin Blais 14:01
Yeah, totally. It needs funding because I still like I get super restless during slow season. And I guess like just looking at, you know, first Why are you you know, where is this restless coming restlessness coming from. And that usually stems from something from, you know, childhood or whatever, whatever you remodeled, things like that, you know, and then from there, just understanding your season of life and, and understanding that there’s other ways to feel that you can contribute that’s not financial, and look at it as a time to learn a time to, you know, expand like a like invest in education. And I think that’s a huge, huge thing. Like there’s a lot of free educational there, which is wonderful. And there is there is a lot of wonderful coaches out there that you can invest into, you know, in this time to to, to really take advantage of of the of the time that you have and I think If that’s what people find hard is restless. I know for me, like, when slow season hits right now, it’s you Yeah, you feel like, okay, I need, I’m losing kind of the sense of purpose a little bit because I’m not as busy as I was, or I don’t feel like I’m a you know, as needed, but then, you know, rewiring that to mean like, how can I improve? Or how can I grow? How can I help others? How could not, you know, and, and I think, again, going back to that, why and those values, and it’s really going to make a big difference for you to just focus.

Sandra Henderson 15:37
Yeah, absolutely. And you were saying, losing that sense of purpose. I think so many, if not all, wedding photographers struggled with that over the last couple of years, especially in 2020, when weddings just couldn’t legally happen. And we were dealing with so much. So many photographers kind of had to take a step back. And they realize how much of their self worth was based out of like, what they were putting out in their business. And I totally get it, we’re so emotionally connected to the art and the work that we’re creating, we build these relationships with our clients. So it’s totally valid. But there’s definitely what you also mentioned, like part of it from childhood and in the society that we grew up in, where we were led to believe that our value was based on the contribution that we were making. So I think it’s so important to like, again, going back to that, why figuring out why you’re doing this so that you can make those differentiations throughout your life in those times that you’re not able to be at the camera as much as you want to and things like that.

Jasmin Blais 16:35
Yeah, totally. Totally. And yeah, like I like my anagram is three with it. So the achiever with a wing of a helper-

Sandra Henderson 16:45
three wing two – me, too!

Jasmin Blais 16:47
Is it really?! funny, right? This is what like, kind of photographers are like, you know, and it’s funny, because one of the things on there as one of your biggest fears is disappointing people. And so if you feel like, you know, you’re not in that, you know, quote, unquote, you’re getting that praise, right or not to praise but you know, that feedback of not, Oh, I love my photos, or you were like, so great to work with, or, you know, whatever, you Yeah, you you kind of even subconsciously lose a sense of purpose. And so, I think that you just really need to kind of dig deep into where that all is coming from in and understanding that, like, all your emotions are valid, and that’s okay, like, you know, emotions come from thoughts and situations that happen. And so just kind of digging into why why you’re having these, these kind of thoughts that kind of maybe come out of nowhere, and identifying them and naming them and, and just just embracing the season of slow I think that our society is so go go go that just just be a little bit more present. And it’s gonna make, it’s gonna make slow season a lot better.

Sandra Henderson 17:58
For sure. I was talking to a friend of mine last year, and she actually shared with me something that her therapist told her and that was that your feelings are valid, no matter what it is that you’re going through. But the important thing is to like, just stop there for a quick vacation. Acknowledge how you’re feeling, validate how you’re feeling, but don’t unpack your suitcase there, because you’re not staying there. It’s time to move on afterwards and keep focusing on things that are a little bit more uplifting and fulfilling your soul a little bit more, but still giving yourself the respect to acknowledge those hard times that you’re going through.

Jasmin Blais 18:32
Yeah, exactly. And I think that comes to self awareness. Like what brings you joy, what drains you, you know, if we’re going to talk about you know, photography, for me, cake smashes, drain the living crap out of me, because I don’t, I don’t like doing them. I will do them for like my family. Because it’s family and I love them so dearly. And not to say I don’t love my clients, but it’s just, it’s just something that just takes away so much energy from me. So that’s something I let go. You know, it doesn’t give me energy boudoir photography. I love it so much. But it’s just something that I just don’t feel like I have the time to do to give it justice, what it deserves. And there’s so many other photographers out there that do such a wonderful job and have the energy for it. That it’s just like, I think that’s great for you. It’s just something that I just feel like I don’t have the energy to give for it, you know? Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Like I think just figuring out what drains you what gives you energy and going towards what gives you energy of course, you know, and, I mean, we only have so much to spare and you know, if we have to take care of ourselves plus other people, it’s like, why are you going to do things that drain you or you feel like you’re supposed to do you know, for, you know, even things like outsourcing for photography, if you feel like you know, you have this giant editing, hell and you just get so overwhelmed. You just kind of put your head under your covers and just hope that it solves itself. Um, but you know, why don’t you outsource it? You know, why don’t you spend a couple $100 to somebody that actually wants to do it and, and then you gain more time and, you know, just things like that, again, I think that it goes to the scarcity mindset of not having, you know, money to do it or not having, you know, yeah, basically the finances to do things like that. But it’s like, you know what, but you’re, but you’re given more time, you know, like, time doesn’t change, you always have the same 24 hours in a day, Money comes and goes. And it’s just it ebbs and flows. And that’s just what it is. And, you know, and so why don’t you give yourself more time to do the things that you love?

Sandra Henderson 20:39
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Sandra Henderson 21:32
And you were saying earlier about like, wanting to know confidently that when you you’re booking a wedding, and you’re really excited to be going and it’s worth the time that you’re taking away from your kids, when you’re doing sessions that you don’t love and that you are not able to put your heart into you’re not serving your clients, but you’re also not serving your family or yourself and you end up with so much more guilt for the time that you’re spending away instead.

Jasmin Blais 21:56
Yeah, totally. Like, you know, just the amount of time of booking, shooting, delivering, you know, a session that really doesn’t serve you it’s it just takes away from why you started in the first place. You know, and, and I think when you are starting yours, you’re just kind of figuring out what you like to do. And for me, like, oh my gosh, like Sandra, I the things that I shot i i shot everything from livestock to do newborn to style newborn I do new remember lifestyle, yeah, to to, you know, product, to branding, to do anything, anything and everything. And I think that part was good, because I figured out like what I like what I don’t like, but it’s just it’s funny. It’s funny when I think back to actually to watch everything that I shot like, like I edited cows before. Like, it’s funny. Like, it’s funny to me, like just thinking about that. But I know that I that’s not what I want to do. And because I experienced it, so

Sandra Henderson 22:59
yeah, absolutely. There’s definitely value in trying a little bit of everything to see what you love and what you don’t love. When I first started out, I worked with a photographer while I was still in college, doing some Co Op hours with her. She was a newborn photographer. And I was like, I love this, this is totally what I’m going to be doing. No, that’s no longer a service that I offer. It was very similar to what you were saying with boudoir photos. I did love doing them. I loved the memories that I was capturing. Sometimes it wasn’t worth the stress of dealing with a newborn baby. But overall, it ended up just being that I didn’t have the capacity to pour into newborn photography in the same way that I was doing with families and weddings and things like that. And so the sessions weren’t really serving me. But they also weren’t serving my clients because I didn’t feel like I was giving them my best. And I don’t know about you, but when it’s a session that I didn’t love, editing becomes infinitely harder.

Jasmin Blais 23:59
Yeah, totally. And then in you kind of just have this idea of like, I just want to get done, send it off and never think about it again.

Sandra Henderson 24:06
Yeah, exactly. And I want to be excited to send off the gallery.

Jasmin Blais 24:09
Yeah, totally. And one thing that I want to revisit that you had said just about, just about oh my god, I’m having a brain fart now of paraphrasing what you said, but basically serving your client and I think that’s what we need to set. Yes, we have as business owners, we have our boundaries, and we have our values and everything like that. When it comes to client experience. We need to understand that like it is about our client, you know, you’re you’re solving your client’s problems, you’re being their highest person, you’re you’re there, you’re excited. I see sometimes too, that people are sometimes photographers and I’m guilty of it to kind of dig for red flags or they dig for you know, this person doesn’t appreciate me or this person did it and I think he just Gotta like step back and look at it from their perspective of, you know, they’ve never done photos before, or maybe they had a bad experience, or they’re making assumptions. Because they just don’t know, you know, it’s your job to educate it’s your job to, to solve the problems. And maybe at the end of the day, after you did all that, they just aren’t that great fit. And that’s okay. But yeah, it’s really about serving your client. And that’s why it’s important to shoot things that you love, because you know, you’re just naturally excited about it.

Sandra Henderson 25:31
Yeah, absolutely. And those boundaries really do come first come full circle. Because, like, I have pretty strict boundaries around my inbox, I don’t tend to unless it’s like an absolute emergency, I won’t reply to an email after seven, because my brain goes to mush, I’ll probably call you the wrong name. Like I do all these crazy things. After seven o’clock, I should not be replying to emails that late. And so because I do that, yes, I’m not available to my clients. 24/7, which I don’t think any business owner should be. But I’m then able to make up for it in a way by being a better version of myself and serving my clients in a better capacity because of those boundaries.

Jasmin Blais 26:14
Yeah, totally. Like, I totally agree, like my phone, you know, starts going into sleep mode at 930. And it is hard because, again, like as a business owner, and and for now, today’s day and age, like everything is so accessible, that, you know, you feel like if you’re not available in 20 minutes, after they send you a message, you’re going to disappoint them or, you know, whatever, but I think, you know, yeah, just, again, those boundaries are just so important to put up. And, and I think with kids, it actually is a little, you know, maybe a little bit easier. Because, you know, you just sometimes you’re forced not even to look at your phone, because you’re so busy, you know, trying to raise little humans, I just, you know, really, really urge, especially for people that maybe have a little bit more time to themselves, maybe they don’t have kids, maybe they’re not at that season yet, you know, to set those boundaries, because like it can get blurred, so easy. And then that leads to burnout. You know, and that’s never fun.

Sandra Henderson 27:23
Yeah, it’s so true. So for any listeners who are wanting to get started in implementing boundaries and getting a healthier mindset around running their business, do you have any, like tips or tricks that they can implement as they’re heading into 2023?

Jasmin Blais 27:35
Yeah, I love that. And like, what a perfect time to have this question. So the first thing that I would say, is when you’re setting your goals, and I think it’s super important to set goals in your business, you can set 12 month goals, I would chunk it down to 90 day goals after that. Because otherwise, it’s just, it’s super overwhelming. Set some big goals don’t minimize something you know, you’re capable of achieving, You’re just afraid to write it down. So we’re setting those goals, again, revisiting your values, revisiting your why’s, and just kind of writing those down making those visible, whether that’s like a wallpaper on your phone, or that is, you know, on a whiteboard, in your office, wherever. So somewhere where you can kind of just be reminded of it every day. Mindset is, yeah, it’s one of the biggest things because the biggest obstacle that you will ever face is yourself. And that is because you know, you’re going to you’re going to come up in situations, whether that’s business related or personal, or, you know, whatnot, where you you can’t control the situation, but you can control how you react to it. And really, really working on yourself and giving yourself grace and understanding that when obstacles come up, because they will ask yourself, what did I learn from this in any situation positive or not, you can always ask yourself that question. And it’s really, really going to make a huge difference for you in your growth. And this is something I wish that I did in my early 20s. You know, I always think, you know, what if I had this mindset, my early 20s than I feel like Where would my business be today, you know, if I just took risks, like I wanted to, and you know, stuff like that, but I also feel like it led up to this point to where I am today. And I’m really proud of of where I am and the work that I do and an understanding that like, hey, life will happen. Everything is not going to be happy all the time. And I’m going to have to deal with it and that’s okay. So those are like the biggest tips for mindset and then off I’m answering your question.

Sandra Henderson 29:50
Oh, totally. That was amazing. That was like total gold. I was even sitting here like jotting a few things down as the listener, just getting like a sneak preview at the episode as it was happening. Yeah, no, that was absolutely amazing. I especially loved how you said the biggest obstacle that you’ll ever face is yourself. Because Wow, so, so true. There’s so many times I have a business coach, and there’s been a few times this year she’s like, okay, so like, what is the actual problem? And I was like me, like, it’s literally just me. There’s no other obstacle in my way other than myself at this point. So yeah, I think a lot of people are gonna resonate with that.

Jasmin Blais 30:23
Yeah. On the business coach side, I was, kind of like a little bit of a left turn here. But don’t you think that having a business coach is amazing?

Sandra Henderson 30:32
Oh, my gosh, like absolute game changer! Yeah, I joined a mastermind and started working with my business coach at the beginning of 2021. And I’ve told her that she stuck with me for life, like, I don’t know. And so many people in the mastermind as well are like, it’s scary out there. The idea of going through this alone and not having a coach and other people who just understand it’s terrifying.

Jasmin Blais 30:55
Yeah, absolutely. And I think that is one of the biggest things of community and, and again, it’s that investment that people are afraid of, like, why do I need a business coach, like, that’s not going to teach me anything about taking a pretty picture. It’s just like, that’s, you know, taking beautiful photos, or you know, that’s your storefront. Everything else behind there is what that business coach is for, and you need you need in order to have something sustainable. You need to have somebody that understands what they’re doing. And yeah, so that was, that was like a little, that’s a little side thing that I you know, I always I always love to ask people that have business coaches, I’m like, Isn’t it the best? Like,

Sandra Henderson 31:33
yeah, oh, absolutely. And I think that when it comes to learning, the more creative aspects of photography, like we can all learn how to take better photos, but we became photographers, because there’s something in us that is an inherent ability to take photos. But like, more often than not, we were not also born with that inherent ability to run the business. Some people can do both. But like, for me, the learning aspect has come how to learn how to take better photos, and learn how to run a business.

Jasmin Blais 32:07
Yeah, totally, totally nuts when it comes to that outsourcing piece, right. It’s like, I don’t want to get so bogged down with trying to understand the business part of it, that I would rather have a coach that helps me out with it. So then I don’t need to spread myself so thin in trying to understand both aspects, you know, where, when everybody else just sees the the beautiful photo part of my business. And that is, you know, what, again, you know, brings in an audience and your ideal clients and things like that. And that’s something that I love doing that, you know, one of the big reasons why I got into this not to understand taxes, and bla bla bla, so I’d rather like, you know, have somebody help me with that. So

Sandra Henderson 32:46
yeah, absolutely. Well, speaking of making investments in your business, I know that you at the time of recording this anyway, have just recently released a course. And I would love for you to share with listeners a little bit more about that. Yeah, I’m

Jasmin Blais 33:01
so excited. So yeah, thanks for letting me share about it. This course is called Keeping wedding photography, simple how to book shoot and deliver weddings, it’s the course that I wish that I had, when I started digging into wedding photography, it really simplifies it, like how to get your clients, you know, gear to have a wedding day, problems that you’ll be solving how to location scout, things like that. It’s it’s all based on my experience of shooting weddings since 2014. And just simplifying something that is labeled as, you know, one of the big beasts of the photography, business as wedding, you know, wedding photography, and I just, I really wanted to create a course that was that wasn’t, you know, a 20 hour course because I think that, you know, nobody has time for that. I wanted something that was easy to follow. I wanted some tangible things to take out of that. So there’s a PDF with that with email templates and timelines and stuff like that. I really wanted to to make it as accessible to people. So it is, you know, it’s a digital online course. And yeah, it’s 90 minutes, six modules. It’s super easy to follow. It’s just something that I wish that I had when I started because everything, you know, if somebody told me something was great for wedding photography, I wouldn’t have bought it, you know, or if somebody said, you know, you know, I tried this, okay, I’m gonna try, I’m gonna try because it must be great. You know, it was there was just so much noise in my head. And I just didn’t, I really needed something to focus me and just a roadmap and that’s what this course is. And it’s super affordable too, because it’s, I just want to help people.

Keep Wedding Photography Simple: How To Book, Shoot, and Deliver Weddings – CLICK HERE to get more info!

Sandra Henderson 34:48
I love that. Well, everybody makes sure you pop over onto my website and check out the show notes for this episode because I will definitely have the links there. Before we wrap things up. I would love if you could just tell the listeners were to follow you on social media so that they can continue checking out everything that you have to offer from here. Yeah, totally.

Jasmin Blais 35:07
Okay, so my Instagram is JC like the letter J-C. JC photography SK. I kind of shot myself in the footer with the SK but yeah, so @jcphotographysk and then my website is JC

Sandra Henderson 35:26
Awesome. Well, thank you so much for joining me for an interview today. This was absolutely amazing.

Jasmin Blais 35:32
Yes, thank you so much. I loved our chat.

Sandra Henderson 35:35
(Outro Music) Thank you so much for listening. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at simply in the meantime, let’s connect. You can find me on Instagram and Tiktok just search @simplysandrayvonne. And if you’re loving this podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d go ahead and hit that subscribe button and leave a review. Until next time! (Music fades out)

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February 14, 2023

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