Sandra Henderson

"Every day isn't meant to be a day behind your camera."

Hey, friend!

I'm Sandra - a wedding photographer and educator with a Marie Kondo-style approach to running a business. You know, keeping things simple and getting rid of anything that doesn't bring you joy!

Some other important things to know about me:

- I'm a strong enneagram 3w2
- I am obsessed with organizing and creating systems
- I don't believe there's ONE way to do anything, especially when it comes to running a photography business
- I passionately believe 90's music is the absolute best and winter is the absolute worst

Every day isn't meant to be a day behind your camera. You deserve to have the business - AND life - you've always dreamed of! So whether you've come to listen to the Keeping it Candid podcast, are looking for a business coach, or are ready to start inputting systems that will work for you - I'm so glad you're here and I cannot WAIT to connect with you!