Unscripted vs Honeybook: Which Is The Better Option For Wedding Photographers?

Managing your business efficiently is key to your success, and luckily, there are amazing CRM systems out there to help you out. But with so many options it’s hard to know which to go with, so I wanted to put together something to help! Here’s a comparison of Unscripted vs. HoneyBook to see which one is a better fit for your wedding photography business:

Key Features

HoneyBook HoneyBook is like an all-in-one powerhouse. It combines client management, contracts, invoicing, and project management into a neat package. You get cool features like customizable proposals, contract templates, online payments, and automated reminders. Plus, it’s got a branded client portal for your couples to access project details, sign contracts, and make payments with ease.

Unscripted Unscripted is specifically designed for photographers and offers tools to streamline your client communication and workflow. It’s got inquiry management, automated email templates, contract e-signature, and online payments. Plus, it integrates with popular cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, making photo organization and delivery a breeze.


HoneyBook HoneyBook’s pricing starts at $16 USD per month (billed annually, $19/month billed monthly), and there are three different account tiers available. That gets you unlimited projects, contracts, and invoices. Not too shabby, right? And hey, they even offer a free trial to test the waters before you dive in! (Click here to save 35% on your first year!)

Unscripted If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, Unscripted has two pricing tiers. The Pro plan costs $14 USD per month and covers the essentials, including unlimited projects, contracts, and emails!

User Experience

HoneyBook HoneyBook is all about being user-friendly. Their interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making your life a whole lot easier. Customize templates and workflows to match your style, and take things on the go with the mobile app. So, whether you’re chilling on your couch or out and about, managing your business is a breeze.

Unscripted Unscripted knows that simplicity is key. They’ve crafted a clean interface that’s user-friendly for photographers of all skill levels. No complicated jargon here! They also have a mobile app, too, so you can easily manage your workflow on the go.

Customer Support

HoneyBook Need a helping hand? HoneyBook has your back. They offer support through email and live chat. Plus their Facebook community is filled with thousands of users ready to help out any time. Lastly, the help center is packed with articles, tutorials, and video guides to make sure you’re getting the most out of the platform.

Unscripted Feeling stuck? Unscripted has your back too! They provide customer support via email and a support ticket system. And if you need a little DIY guidance, their knowledge base has you covered with FAQs and guides.

After comparing the features, pricing, user experience, and customer support of both platforms, it’s clear that HoneyBook is the best choice for wedding photographers! It combines client management, contracts, invoicing, and project management in one place, saving you time and streamlining your workflow… And you know how much I live for things like that! Make the switch to Honeybook, and CLICK HERE to save 35% off your first year!

If you’ve been debating between HoneyBook and Unscripted as a CRM system for your wedding photography business, let’s talk more about why HoneyBook is the right choice for you!

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July 4, 2023

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