a groom kisses his bride while hugging her. photo used in a blog post for wedding photographers

If you’re active on Instagram, you know there’s been a TON of changes released on the platform recently. The push to prioritize video in the algorithm has accelerated considerably. The format of our feeds is even evolving to resemble TikTok! It’s a far cry from the 1:1 square feed Instagram started with. Instagram wants users […]

The Future Of Instagram for Wedding Photographers

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One of the best tips for Instagram I can share with you is this – Delete followers. I know it sounds counterintuitive. But there’s a reason why this can be so beneficial! Experts are saying that your content is only reaching anywhere from 2-10% of your total followers. If you have a high number of […]

It Pays To Delete Followers | Best Tips For Instagram

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Haven’t heard of Aftershoot yet?! It’s time to fix that ASAP! Picture this: You just got home from an amazing wedding and you can’t wait to start editing all of your favourite shots from the day… But first, you have to cull. UGH amiright?! Thousands of photos sit on your memory cards waiting to be […]

Tired of Culling? Introducing, Aftershoot

When was the last time you reviewed your wedding photography contracts, friend?! Proper contracts should be one of the first major investments you make in your business. Even before upgrading to higher quality cameras and lenses! Why? Most importantly, if anything unexpected happens your contract will protect you legally. It’s also a major difference between […]

Don’t Head Into Busy Season Without THIS | Wedding Photography Education