Tired of Culling? Introducing, Aftershoot

Haven’t heard of Aftershoot yet?! It’s time to fix that ASAP!

Picture this: You just got home from an amazing wedding and you can’t wait to start editing all of your favourite shots from the day… But first, you have to cull. UGH amiright?!

Thousands of photos sit on your memory cards waiting to be sorted. Depending on the wedding, it could take hours! But what if you could just go to sleep and wake up to your photos culled and waiting for you?

Aftershoot is AI software that will cull through all of your photos for you. It detects things like closed eyes and blurry, out-of-focus photos, and selects the best images for you to review. The more you use Aftershoot, the more it learns about your preferences and photographic style, meaning it gets more and more accurate with its selections.

Since I started using Aftershoot last fall, it has saved me more than 12 DAYS worth of work from culling alone. That’s 288 hours that I was able to do something other than sit at my computer.

Here’s what my Aftershoot workflow looks like:

  1. Upload and back-up photos to my hard drives using Lightroom
  2. Import photos into Aftershoot
  3. Run Aftershoot
  4. Review and save selections
  5. Import the new metadata in Lightroom
  6. Filter all 5* images
  7. Start editing!

You HAVE TO try this out this busy season! I promise you’re going to love it. To save 10% on your first year, just CLICK HERE!

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May 5, 2022

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