January 24, 2024

00:00 Introduction and Importance of Accessibility Accessibility should be a top priority for all business owners, but let’s be honest, it is something that is overlooked more often than not. It’s something that I really hope we start to see changing in 2024, and that is why I knew I had to have my friend […]

a couple stands on the beach at sunset with waves splashing at their feet. Used as a cover photo in a wedding photography education blog post.

January 9, 2024

Happy New Year, friend! How are you feeling now that the holidays are over? I, for one, am happy to see them go 😅They were fun but the overstimulation was REAL on several occasions. The noise. The lights. The people. The gifts. The emotions. The relationship dynamics. The travel… This little neurodivergent introvert desperately needed some quiet alone time […]

November 15, 2023

You’re at a place in your business where you’re ready to start diving into coaching or workshops, but it’s nerve-wracking, right?! Laylee Emadi spills the tea on this week’s episode of Keeping It Candid, unpacking red flags, beige flags, and green flags to look out for before you work with an educator! Sandra Henderson (00:00.342) […]

a man kisses a woman on the cheek as they stand in front of a river

November 8, 2023

This week on Keeping It Candid I’m talking all about a game-changing question that can seriously up-level your client experience without breaking the bank or causing you extra stress. I’ll give you a hint: it’s all about involving your clients in the process. By asking them this specific question, you not only make the experience […]

a silhouette of a bride and groom kissing in front of a sky at sunset. used in a blog post about honeybook and pic-time's new integration.

November 1, 2023

I got some news in my inbox this week that I was so excited about, I decided to do a whole impromptu podcast episode about it! In this week’s episode of Keeping It Candid – Wedding Photography Unfiltered, I talk all about my hesitations working with all-in-one platforms, what HoneyBook and Pic-Time’s announcement was, and […]

October 18, 2023

On this week’s episode of Keeping It Candid, Sara Monika and I talking all about the freedom outsourcing can bring to your life, both personally and financially. This is one you absolutely don’t want to miss! Keep reading for the Show Notes, and head to your favourite podcast player to give it a listen. Sandra […]

October 4, 2023

Michelle Harris joined me for a short, sweet, and incredible interview all about a problem wedding photographers everywhere deal with all the time – getting ghosted by potential wedding clients. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. And today on the podcast Michelle and I are talking all about why it happens and what you can do about […]

July 31, 2023

I have a question for you about your wedding photography clients … Are you making it EASY for people to work with you? From the inquiry process to receiving their photos, and everything in between? Earlier this year I photographed a destination wedding in Cuba… and the only thing that went well on this trip was the wedding itself. […]

June 20, 2023

Do you remember that episode of Friends, The One With The Secret Closet?! Chandler discovered a locked closet and Monica didn’t want to tell him what was inside. Eventually, he takes the door off the hinges, and that’s when he discovers it. Super-organized Monica has an absolute mess hiding behind that door. Don’t let your Honeybook account […]

a bride and groom kiss in the aisle at the end of their ceremony at bellamere winery. photo by life is beautiful photography, used in a blog post about making a good first impression on a wedding photography inquiry

June 13, 2023

The first impression you make when replying to a new wedding photography inquiry makes a huge impact on your chances of booking a client. In today’s competitive market, it’s so important to stand out and capture the attention of potential clients who are inquiring with you. So, today, I’m sharing a few tips for creating […]