Show Notes: 023 Work/Life Balance And Working Abroad with Nova Markina Photography

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It’s our first interview for 2023 and we are kicking things off with a good one! Today I’m chatting with my friend Nova from Nova Markina Photography. She is an amazingly talented wedding photographer and educator, and all around just one of the loveliest people that I have you ever met in this industry.

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We did used to be neighbours here in London, so I have the honour of calling her a friend in real life, but over the last couple of years, she and her family have spent some time living abroad. So when we connected for this interview, we talked about things like the steps she took to create a remote business that can thrive no matter where she’s living in the world, and all about the importance of creating a work life balance as a business owner.

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You’re listening to Episode 23 of Keeping It Candid.

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(Intro music) Welcome to Keeping It Candid. I’m your host, Sandra Henderson, an international wedding and family photographer and business coach. I help wedding photographers use systems to build out the back end of their businesses to gain control and continue to thrive no matter what life throws their way. And on a more personal note, I’m a strong Enneagram three weighing two who is obsessed with tacos and my love for traveling combined with navigating chronic illness life are just two of the many things that drive my passion for all things systems, workflows, and beating burnout as a business owner. Join me every week for a candid behind the scenes look at what it’s really like working as a wedding photographer, where I’ll give you actionable steps to take your business to the next level. Absolutely no fluff here friends! So go grab your favorite notebook and pen and let’s dive into this week’s episode. (Music fades out)

Sandra Henderson 1:33
All right, well, thank you so much for joining me on the podcast today. I’m so excited to have you!

Nova Markina 1:39
Thank you, Sandra. I’m excited to be here. I’m actually so excited, I showed up 30 minutes early.

Sandra Henderson 1:44
It happens! I did that, when I saw you for spring minis on the weekend, I went and parked and I looked at my phone and I was like ‘my session doesn’t start for 40 minutes…’

Nova Markina 1:57
It’s good to be excited.

Sandra Henderson 1:58
Right? Awesome. Well tell us a little bit about yourself and where we can find you on social media and all that kind of fun stuff.

Nova Markina 2:05
Alright, so my name is Nova Markina, I am a wedding photographer, based in London, Ontario, Canada, but I do shoot you know, across the country and internationally. My Instagram and all of my social media handles are just my name. So @novamarkina, so be sure to check that out. And then my website is super simple, it’s

Sandra Henderson 2:27
Awesome. Yes, super easy to remember across the board. And so you mentioned that you do international wedding photography, and that was kind of the inspiration behind me wanting to bring you on the podcast for today’s episode, because I have known you for so long and I’ve seen how your business has transitioned from being local to the London area and then going abroad from there, what has that experience been like for you?

Nova Markina 2:57
It has been a whirlwind. And it’s been wonderful. So you know, pre- we’ll say, March 2020, my business was, you know, taking off in terms of destination weddings and all of that. And then you know, things kind of changed. So we weren’t shooting as much even at home. And then basically once we got the go-ahead that like travel was okay and whatnot, we jumped right back in. My husband and I have always been travelers, you know, that was always the big picture goal for us to do something crazy in our lives and spend time elsewhere. So this past winter, we had the luxury of being able to uproot our family, we took our daughter, she’s 18 months now. So the three of us went to Mexico, and we worked abroad for six months. So during that time, I wasn’t necessarily shooting, I was just kind of getting back into, you know, being away and building those relationships for being away. I was diving a lot into my mentorship and teaching programs. Yeah, and then at the end of our trip, you know, I did my first destination wedding of the year, and it’s just gonna go from there, it’s gonna get really busy. From there, we’ve got our weddings at home and our shoots at home and then next winter, we’re gonna dive back into shooting abroad.

Sandra Henderson 4:11
I love that! I will admittedly tell you that I was like, stalking your stories the whole time you were in Mexico, because Mexico is my favorite place in the whole world. And so yeah, I was just living vicariously through your Instagram the whole time you’re away!

Nova Markina 4:24
Next time, you’ll just have to come visit!

Sandra Henderson 4:26
Exactly! You definitely don’t have to ask me twice to go to Mexico! I love it. Um, so what kinds of things do you think you had to structure in your business to be able to take that time off? I know it did coincide with our off-season here in Canada, but was there anything that you had to do in advance to be able to give yourself that freedom to be able to work abroad?

Nova Markina 4:49
Yeah, I think there was a lot leading up to it in terms of how I structured my business that did make things easier once we made the decision. Having said that, there were you know, Oh, that last minute tweaks that we had to make as well. But in terms of how I run my business and how, you know, it’s sort of evolved, I put a lot of emphasis on systems and workflows, and setting client expectations and setting personal expectations, to know sort of where the line between personal time and work time comes into play. I know a lot of us can get like, overwhelmed with working all the time, and oh, I’ve got a spot in my calendar open, so I won’t take time for myself at all, you know, I’ll be working as much as possible. So just setting up systems that would allow me to make sure that I was always delivering a good client experience for, you know, my clients, my photography clients, and my students, especially being away, you don’t know… I always look at a at a trip as ‘I don’t know if I’ll be back’, or ‘I don’t know if I’ll have the opportunity to be back.’ So it’s easier to set those boundaries and set those time those times in your calendar, because you can work really hard and really smart. And then you can take a couple hours off so that you can enjoy where you are. I find being at home, it’s really easy to just be like, ‘You know what, I’ll just keep working.’ So, you know, being really strict on my time and my schedules and my workflows, so that I could be efficient.

Sandra Henderson 6:18
I love that – you are totally speaking my language, 100%.

Nova Markina 6:22
Yes, we love the workflows!

Sandra Henderson 6:23
Right?! And just like you were saying, instead of like prioritizing that time to yourself, because if you are, typically, when you’re at home, and you leave that block open on your calendar, a lot of times, it’s so easy to just be like, ‘Oh, well, I’ll just work, I’ll just fill in another session.’ But I always am telling people, like, not every day is meant to be a day behind your camera. There’s a whole business to run outside of the creative side. There’s also having time off which you need. And I don’t think a lot of people, or enough people, put priority on taking time off.

Nova Markina 6:55
Oh my gosh, I couldn’t agree more. And I think what, a couple of things have really like changed my mindset around work. One of them being that we don’t become self employed individuals, the dream of becoming a self employed individual is not to work 24/7, right, the dream is to do what we love, and then have the life that we love. And I think that gets lost really quickly when we’re trying to hustle and build and gain that momentum. So it’s kind of taking a step back to realize like, ‘Okay, I want to build the business with my dreams, but it’s so that I can also have the life of my dreams,’ – to be able to set those boundaries and, you know, having a baby during, you know, a very tumultuous time, that also kind of changed my priorities a bit. And that’s not to say that photography is less important to me, but it’s, it’s – I figured out a way to, when I’m in that, be very focused with that and dedicated to that. And then when I move out of that, you know, you know if it’s time off or evenings off, I’m dedicated and present when I’m not in it. So I’m dedicated to what I’m doing in that moment.

Sandra Henderson 8:03
Yeah, absolutely. That’s so important. I think like, when it comes to taking time off, it’s not necessarily just like not working, like actually removing yourself from the headspace and allowing yourself be present in the things that you have outside of work contributes to how relaxed and refreshed you are, and refilling your own cups that you can keep serving other people.

Nova Markina 8:23
Yes. Oh, I love that filling your own cup.

Sandra Henderson 8:25
I love those little, like, visuals! And all of my visuals and comparisons always relate to like food or drink in some way. Just how I roll.

Nova Markina 8:33
I can relate. I do like that.

Sandra Henderson 8:36
So you talked a little bit about like balancing the two while you were in Mexico and while you’re at home. Do you think that work/life balance is something that is achievable? Is it like an end goal? Do you think it’s a catchphrase? Do you think it’s something that you have to always be working on? What are your thoughts on work/life balance?

Nova Markina 8:54
Um, so I’ve got a few answers to a few of those questions. So I do think it is attainable. I think it is very necessary. But I do think it’s a work in progress. Because all businesses and all parts of your life are going to have peaks and valleys. And there are going to be times where, you know, wedding season for us where we might only be working six or eight months out of the year. We don’t live in California, we have to really nose to the- nose to the ground, and be working and we might have two or three wedding weekends. So sometimes I think in our business, it’s not completely possible. But I think to be reminding yourself that when you can be doing it you should be.

Sandra Henderson 9:35
Yeah, absolutely. That makes so much sense especially for like you were saying those of us that have the six to eight month wedding season. It kind of… There are times where you really have to just kind of have some looseness on your boundaries. Give them a little bit of wiggle room. Don’t completely get rid of them, because then you end up getting to October and you’re exhausted and miserable and totally burnt out. But yeah, at least having a little bit of flexibility so that you can make the best of both situations.

Nova Markina 10:03

Sandra Henderson 10:04
So what was your inspiration in going to either like, just abroad in general or specifically Mexico? I know, you said that you and your husband have always loved to travel. But what was kind of like the deciding factor, like, it’s time, and we’re gonna go, and we’re gonna make this work.

Nova Markina 10:23
So we did a little trial run trip in November. So you know, traveling, your first trip after what’s been going on, you know, with travel restrictions and whatnot, is kind of a nerve wracking one, you know, we have a baby, and is it responsible and safe and possible and doable to be traveling abroad. So we picked somewhere where if something were to happen, we could be home quickly, a short flight, and we picked somewhere that we were familiar with. So I have been to that coast, like the Cancun coast of Mexico, nearly 20 times. So I was like, you know, it’s familiar. I know what to expect when I get there. So that was sort of why we chose that location. We did a trial ride, you know, flights with the baby and what to pack and over packing and unpacking certain things. So we did that in November, we realized it was doable. And then we booked a trip in for December. So we left December 27. And we were going to say for one month, you know, one month abroad is, like, kind of crazy! And the whole idea being ‘we’re not vacationing.’ Everyone’s like ‘oh my gosh, you’re going on a month vacation. That’s so nice!’ And I had to kind of reframe it where it’s. we’re – no, we’re uprooting. So we’re yes, we’re going to be able to enjoy sun and palm trees and sand and ocean, but also seeing what it is like to work somewhere else. So having the work/life balance in a different country, just the two of us there to parent, no outside help, no nannies or daycares or anything like that. So figuring out what that meant for work. And then it came, you know, the end of January, and a couple of crazy things started happening here in Canada. So we decided to extend our trip. And before you know it, we were looking at another Airbnb, we had, I think, successfully figured out a good work/life balance in January. And so we did, we extended our trip. It was a little nerve wracking because you know, you had to cross some T’s and dot some I’s for back home, and to make sure everything was taken care of. But I have no regrets about doing it. We got on the plane to come back home when our trip was over and Matt was already talking about, you know, ‘so next year when we do this, and are we going to do it a bit longer?’ and thinking about all of these possibilities, are we going to stay in this a place or adventure elsewhere? So I have no regrets. And I really think that if people are able to do something like that, that they absolutely should. It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time.

Sandra Henderson 12:46
Totally. I love traveling. And the idea of doing that – it definitely, like, gives me a little bit of anxiety, but also like excites me so much. Yeah, you guys were definitely some inspiration for me in my life. I was like ‘we’re gonna make this happened one day, and we’ll just be neighbors with Nova and Matt like we used to be neighbors in real life.

Nova Markina 13:05
Yes, totally!

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Sandra Henderson 13:07
Um, so what was it like with the actual work aspect? I know you said that you didn’t have a destination wedding until the very end because you were focusing on just like, trying to figure out the structure and that end of things. So how did it work out with everything that you had put into place in advance once you got there? What was the actual work side of things like for you?

Nova Markina 13:30
Um, the work side was very, very similar to had I been home because it was the mentoring side of my business. So it was, you know, Zoom calls and chats and correspondence with students. So it was more working from home… Home, our home in Mexico, and not going out and shooting, which kind of made it easier, in a sense, because I was able to stack my day in terms of have- having, you know, calls at certain times and then being able to go out at other times. But yeah, I would say because we moved things over, we… I basically did what I would have been doing at home, except when I looked outside there was a palm tree and not rain or snow!

Sandra Henderson 14:10
Right. That’s the dream right there! I love Canada but I’m also not built for these cold temperatures even a little bit.

Nova Markina 14:20
Plus you love tacos, so you would have loved it there.

Sandra Henderson 14:23
Honestly, like there’s a million things I absolutely love about Mexico! We- I’ve been to the east coast a couple of times, but my heart lives over on the West Coast. Matt and I are planning a trip over there.

Nova Markina 14:34
West side is the best side?

Sandra Henderson 14:35
Right! But yeah, there’s this tiny little cape town called Sayultia and it has- it holds a world record for, like, the most colourful flags that they’ve strung up above the streets. You can just like walk down, like, colourful rainbow streets. And while we were there, like, we were on the beach, and my husband watched a fisherman get off a boat and like walk into the back of a restaurant. He’s like “we’re going for fish tacos!”

Nova Markina 15:00
Oh my gosh, that’s amazing.

Sandra Henderson 15:02
I can’t wait to go and stay there. So if you could give photographers who are just starting to like dip their toes in the water of, like, wanting to explore doing destination weddings, what would you- what advice would you give to them?

Nova Markina 15:16
Ooh, destination weddings and how to jump into that… I would start by like a super, it sounds super easy, but if you want to do destination weddings, you have to let everybody know that you want to do destination weddings. Because one, they’re going to be very popular. You know, they’re, they’re gaining momentum again, and so everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who’s going to be getting married down south. So there is, it… There is a really nice advantage to bringing a photographer from home. So just getting the word out there that that’s something that you want to be doing, you know, chatting about it, I saw a Reel once and it was like ‘you have to talk about your business to have a business.’ So talking about it as much as possible, be it in person and people that you know, mentioning it on socials, all of that, but also remembering that while it is luxurious and adventurous and fun, and you might just want to, you know, ‘will shoot for sun!’ and do it for free, I would highly recommend against that. Because you have to take into consideration that going away has a lot of things that you have to- a lot of things to check off, a lot of things to keep track of. You are leaving probably for a week, so you know, a week of worth is work is gone. You have to make sure you have proper insurances and all of this. And there’s a lot that goes into it. So pricing yourself and valuing- valuing yourself accordingly so that you can do it, so that it’s advantageous for yourself and the couple that’s bringing you, not doing it for free. But also maybe you know, not… You might not be able to charge an exorbitant amount to begin with. So yeah, so talking about your business to have a business in terms of letting people know that that’s something that you want to do. I think that’s the short of that one.

Sandra Henderson 17:06
Yeah, for sure. I love that – you have to talk about your business to have a business. I want to, like, one of my big goals this year was reminding myself that… Actually, I’ll just like steal the way a friend of mine said it yesterday, it’s that we’re the only ones who get tired of hearing our own marketing. Like, not everybody is hearing or seeing every single thing that we do. So we have to remind ourselves that like, consistency, and fre- or I should say, frequency, is key and just continuing to always talk about your business.

Nova Markina 17:34
Yes. And we, I totally, totally feel that because, you know, we’re talking about our business every day. And there was a percentage I saw somewhere, and it’s like, only, and I’ll have to check this number, but like 2% of your followers are seeing it. So if you have 100 followers and two people are seeing it, like, it will feel old for you to be able to reach the other 98% of them.

Sandra Henderson 17:58

Nova Markina 17:58
So yeah, reminding yourself about that. Because some days, I’m like, Oh, I would rather talk about anything else. But then the people who want to hear it stick around the people who don’t we attract we repel. But that’s a whole other conversation.

Sandra Henderson 18:10
Right? Yeah, that that can go into a whole entire podcast on its own, which I’ll probably add that to my list and then just get in touch again. So we can do this again!

Nova Markina 18:17
Sounds good! I love that topic!

Sandra Henderson 18:20
All right. And so stealing one more piece of advice from you, if you could give photographers who are wanting to get their freedom back in their lives and start working towards having a more balanced work and home life, what piece of advice would you give them for that?

Nova Markina 18:36
I love this. I love this because it took me longer than I would like to admit to figure it out, to figure it out.

Sandra Henderson 18:42
Same here.

Nova Markina 18:42
Now… Yes, it took me too long! But now that I’ve gained momentum in it, I feel like everybody should know how to do it. And it’s, it’s a tough thing to have this, this balance. But I think a lot of us are unaware with how we spend our time, like a lot of us don’t even realize what are the time- what’s taking our time, and where we’re spending our time. So I would first and foremost, start with tracking your time. Like, without thinking about it too much, go about a day or a week, and do what you do and track your time, and how- like, I know my week, I know how much time I’m going to spend in the car. I know what how much time I’m going to spend, you know, on meals and personal time and work and emails. And it’s really advantageous. And at first, it might feel constricting, but it is quite liberating when you can figure out exactly where your time is going, and then you realize, oh, this was a really inefficient use of time. So starting with tracking it, and there’s tracking apps to do that. Pen and paper always works too. And to know that there’s always room for improvement. And then I would say another huge thing, and this also took me longer to do than I would like to admit… And I don’t know if you’re in the same boat, you’ll have to let me know, but is eliminating things that I don’t love doing.

Nova Markina 18:43
Yes, absolutely, that is a huge one! That’s like second to getting your systems in order and then stop doing the things that you don’t like, whether it be a type of session that you offer – no offense to all of my newborn clients, I love you, but I can’t do newborns anymore! My heart is just not in it, and I don’t enjoy doing it. And then the little things like editing, and you know, your bookkeeping and all those kinds of things, even housework, like, you don’t have to do all of it, we can’t do all of it. And I know like, as I’m sure you can relate to this, as women, we feel like we have to do all of it. And it’s just, it’s impossible. So starting with the things that you don’t enjoy doing that you don’t have to do yourself is so important.

Nova Markina 20:45
So important. And I know that myself, I had trouble letting go of that control. But it was quite liberating once I took things off the list, and then it gives your mind more opportunity and resources to spend on the things that you do like doing. And then like you said, with the systems. So I now spend more time with my clients. Like not personally, we’re not hanging out and having coffee, but I’m able to, I mean, sometimes we do, I’m able to invest more time into, you know, I think the client experience is really important. So I can spend more time on that. And I can have systems and workflows and emails that allow my couples to to know that I am on the same page with them, that I’m in touch with them, that I’m available, that I’m a resource for them regarding their photography experience. For some people, this is one of the first photo shoots that they might be having, and they’re nervous about it. So you know, being a resource for them in that regard, or helping them with days of their, or aspects of, their wedding day that they might not even think about, you know. We’re not wedding planners, but I can help a couple with like, how to make sure you have beautiful wedding, bridal detail photos, and letting them know things like that. So that’s where I’ve sort of shifted, because I really have been enjoying letting people know how to make the best of their experience. And that, again, could be a whole other topic, you know, the client, is exceeding client expectations and how that will move the needle in your business. But yeah, so basically, in short, the time tracking, take things that you don’t love doing out and then build systems that are sustainable and helpful.

Sandra Henderson 22:24
I love all of that. So, so much. You talked a little bit throughout the podcast about the mentoring side of your business and the students that you work with. And I know you just launched a brand new Facebook group! So why don’t you tell us a little bit about that?

Nova Markina 22:38
Yes. Oh, my gosh, okay, so I launched the Facebook group, you are part of my inspiration, I know that you’ve had that going on for a while. We actually, it’s so neat to see, because we started our businesses at such a similar time. And we’ve evolved so similarly, you know, and we both have our mentorship programs. And I think that’s so exciting! But yeah, in terms of the Facebook group, specifically, I’ll tell you a little bit about that. So on my Instagram, you know, Instagram and social media is like one of the best things and worst things to have happened to my business. It is how I started my business, and now I admittedly, I find it a little bit overwhelming. And then you know, you have your profile, and people are following you because they love seeing maybe the behind the scenes with the travel part or the photography part. And it kind of became a little bit murky in my head, and I wanted to show all of the aspects of my life, and then I realized that the photographers who follow me would be better served if I could have a place where I could deep dive into things. And I do have my mentorship program, but I really liked the idea of this where there could be a community and we could start conversations and they could feed off of each other and ask each other and answer each other questions so that it’s not just me all of the time. And I’ve just been sharing tidbits of like tips and tricks, and while it’s not a deep dive into the actual entire program, because that is a- that is a like one on one, we’re gonna dive into your business, we’re gonna make it awesome situation if you’re a photographer who just needs a little bit of guidance here and there. I thought it would be a neat way to build a community.

Sandra Henderson 24:13
Yeah, absolutely. I think Facebook groups, even though like there’s millions of them, and one of the things that kind of like had me hesitating before I started mine was like, ‘Do we really need more Facebook groups?’ but I think it’s the community aspect, it’s so great, other photographers being able to share their expertise, because even as educators and business coaches, we don’t know all the things. There’s definitely, like, our expertise and like systems and workflows and things like that. But you know, for me, like if someone wants, you know, contract advice about their clauses, they should probably go talk to a lawyer. And so it’s just like, being able to have a community where people can share their experiences, I think is so beneficial on, like, and for every photographer to just continue learning how other people do things.

Nova Markina 24:56
No, I love what you were saying because I noticed that, at you know, in terms of other people having expertise in other areas, I, I’ve noticed that I like sign off every post with ‘…but share how you do it!’ because I was sharing, you know my backup systems. But that’s not the only way to do it, it might not be the best way to do it. And I’m always here to learn too. So if somebody can give me some tips on like, this is their strategy and this is how they do it, and everybody’s mind works differently. So maybe if somebody were to contribute with a comment, and you were to or somebody else were to see it, and they liked the other contributors version of it more, you know, it’s helpful. It’s not just what I have to say. So it builds that conversation, which is really, really nice. The other thing I was really nervous about starting a Facebook group, while I have you know, an email list, I have a good amount of people and a Face(book) and Instagram, I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, I’m going to start this Facebook group, and nobody’s going to join.’ And it’s so funny that like 14 years into my business, you can still have glimpses of imposter syndrome, and whatever. So it’s really this work in progress as a self employed person. I think that, you know, we always want to make things better do better but we we can be nervous too.

Sandra Henderson 26:09
Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we pour so much of ourselves, even with having boundaries and things like that, like our emotions, and our lives are tied to what we do. So I, I don’t… I’m not hopeful that impostor syndrome will ever go away completely, but I think we learn better techniques to cope with it and deal with it when it does pop up. And I’m so flattered that you said I was inspiration for your Facebook group, because I actually, I have a business coach as well. And when I first started working with her was like, kind of like brainstorming and doing research on the industry and things like that. And like, it’s so easy to also get caught up in like… I’m a total believer of the community over competition mindset, but it’s so easy to kind of flip that when you get lost in your own little bubble, and you’re scrolling on Instagram, and like, even when you’re trying not to, you’re still comparing yourself as you’re scrolling. And so like, when I was looking at my competition in the area, you were the number one person that I had on my list, because I love your photos and I knew that you were also getting an education. And so then like when we started connecting again and talking more, and it just like instantly reminded me of why like it’s easy to get lost in there, but why it’s so important to focus on like the community side of things. So I’m so glad that we’ve been able to connect, and I look forward to being in your Facebook group. And I love like, all the photographers that are in there seems so awesome, and like totally all about that community side of things, too, which I think is so great.

Nova Markina 27:37
I could – I could not agree more.

Sandra Henderson 27:38
Well, is there anything else that you wanted to add in or chat about before we wrap things up?

Nova Markina 27:43
No, I-I, I really love this conversation we had and I think that we are so similar in the way we choose to run our businesses that I think it was a nice easy conversation. But yes, if you want to talk about any more of the topics that we touched on, I am totally here for it.

Sandra Henderson 28:02
Awesome. I will absolutely be in touch and then hopefully we’ll be able to maybe do a podcast episode from the beaches of Mexico one day, that would be lovely!

Nova Markina 28:11
Ooh okay! Yes, let’s put that, let’s put that on the vision board. We’ll just we’ll be sipping maybe margaritas, maybe some…

Sandra Henderson 28:18
Some green juice! From your stories today, green juice.

Nova Markina 28:24
Yes! That’s saved in my highlights, so once people listen to the podcast, are like “what are you talking about with the green juice?!” We’ll set some green juice in Mexico and do another podcast.

Sandra Henderson 28:33
Yeah, absolutely. That sounds great. Well, thank you so much again. Oh, actually, wait, before I say that, um, where do we find your Facebook group on Facebook?

Nova Markina 28:41
Oh, yes. So I am new to this. But I did create a URL for the Facebook group. So it is So if you’re a photographer, I would love to see you there. We can just build that community like you said, and yeah!

Join the Nova Markina Mentoring Facebook Community!

Sandra Henderson 28:59
Yes! Awesome! Definitely come and join us in the group! All right. Well, thank you so so much again. It was so great chatting with you. I loved this conversation too, and yeah, we’ll definitely we’ll make Mexico top of our to do list for next time!

Nova Markina 29:11
Love it. Thanks, Sandra! Thanks for having me!

Sandra Henderson 29:14
(Outro music) Thank you so much for listening. You can find full show notes from today’s episode at In the meantime, let’s connect! You can find me on Instagram and Tiktok just search @simplysandrayvonne. And if you’re loving this podcast, I’d be so honored if you’d go ahead and hit that subscribe button and leave a review. Until next time! (Music fades out)

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Photo by Nova Markina Photography

Nova is a six-figure wedding photographer who spends her summers photographing the most luxurious weddings for her dream clients and the winters soaking up the sun while traveling and exploring the world with her family.

She’s an expert at helping other photographers reach their full potential, fill their calendars with the dreamiest clients, and charge the premium prices their worth!

photo of nova markina from nova markina photography

January 31, 2023

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