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Get your honeybook cleaned up and organized in only a day without having to lift a finger

Professional organizing for your CRM so it sparkles like new again

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Chandler discovered a locked closet and Monica didn’t want to tell him what was inside. Eventually, he takes the door off the hinges and discovers that super-organized Monica had an absolute mess hiding behind that locked door.

Don't let your Honeybook account be your secret messy closet.

Remember that episode of Friends, The One With The Secret Closet?!

... why are you taking 10 seconds to do something that could be done in 3?!

I know you have a rough idea of where to find your files and templates after having to search for them so many times, but honestly...

to find out your needs before we start, & to show you around your freshly cleaned CRM when it's done!

check-in calls
before & after

because they’re just taking up unnecessary space

Clear out your

and library files that aren’t relevant to your business anymore

old tasks

to help you keep track of your clients’ journey

Organize your

for quick reference in the future

Re-name your

your email templates, smart files, and legacy files so you can always find what you need

Re-name &

For wedding photographers that want that sparkling clean feeling inside their Honeybook account without spending hours on the tedious work it takes to make it happen. Perfect for busy wedding photographers with a mess of templates and projects they’ve been digging through every time they need something!


I'll log into your account to:


Your Investment:

How This Works:

We'll hop on a quick 15-minute Zoom call at 10am EST on the day of your appointment so I can find out what your needs are in terms of organization. After that, I'll get started on your same-day housekeeping service! Then, too wrap things up, at 6pm EST we'll connect a second time via Zoom so I can show you around your newly cleaned CRM system!

In order to give you the service you deserve, this is limited to only Honeybook users, as it’s the platform I use and am most familiar with!

I don’t use Honeybook. Can you still clean up my CRM system?

Same-day! We’ll hop on a call in the morning so I can find out what your needs are and then I’ll get to work. Your Honeybook account will be professionally organized and sparkling clean by the end of the day!

How fast can I expect to see results?



Get your:

Templates organized and re-named

Automations re-named
Pipeline organized
Old tasks and library files deleted
Archives cleared out


limited time pricing

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The time you’re wasting trying to find your files and templates inside Honeybook adds up, even if it is just a few seconds here and there. And using a CRM system shouldn’t make things take longer.

Here’s the truth:

Limited Space Available

Time is money.
Time away from your camera = money out of your pocket.

Say hello to simply, organized.

Say goodbye to ORGANIZED CHAOS.

Let me help you get organized so you can get back behind your camera, instead of rage-scrolling while you try to remember what you named that email template your client is waiting for.

Are you ready for that “just climbed into bed with freshly washed sheets” feeling, Honeybook-style?!

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