Michelle Harris joined me for a short, sweet, and incredible interview all about a problem wedding photographers everywhere deal with all the time – getting ghosted by potential wedding clients. It’s frustrating. It’s disheartening. And today on the podcast Michelle and I are talking all about why it happens and what you can do about […]

Sandra Henderson (00:00.318)It feels so surreal to be saying these words, but we are officially back for season two of Keeping It Candid. (Intro Music) Welcome to Keeping It Candid. I’m your host, Sandra Henderson, an international wedding and family photographer and business coach. I help wedding photographers use systems to build out the back […]

Sandra Henderson 0:00Breaking into a new market in the photography industry is no easy task, but it’s something that I really think every wedding photographer is going to experience at one point or another during their career. Whether you’re looking to break into a market at a higher price point like working at luxury weddings […]

Sandra Henderson 0:00As wedding photographers, I know it’s no secret to you that a huge part of what we do is create content. Whether you’re posting on Facebook or showing up in your Instagram Stories, creating videos for Tik Tok writing on your blog, the list is endless and it can get really overwhelming really […]

Sandra Henderson 0:00Hey friends, and welcome back for another episode of the podcast! Sandra Henderson 0:03Before we dive into today’s episode, I wanted to take a quick second to give you a little bit of real talk: Sandra Henderson 0:10Your old way of doing things in your wedding photography business just doesn’t work anymore. Even […]


0:00Oh wedding show season. I have such a love-hate for wedding shows. hundreds if not 1000s of engaged couples and their friends and family all walking through a convention center getting overwhelmed by all the options available to them at every single turn. They are an extrovert’s dream and an introvert’s worst nightmare. Let’s be […]

Sandra Henderson 0:01We’re back with another interview today and this one is full of the most amazing takeaways. My friend Rob from Square 8 Studio joined me to talk about senior photography and how you can utilize this market to gain clients as a wedding photographer. And when I say senior photography, I think that […]

rob from square 8 studios stands holding a camera and smiling in front of a white background

Sandra Henderson 0:00There are two things you should know about me if you don’t already: one, I believe nothing makes a wedding day more perfect than working with a dream team of wedding vendors. And two, I’m a huge advocate for making sure that we’re doing the work to create a safe and welcoming space […]

Sandra Henderson 0:02It’s our first interview for 2023 and we are kicking things off with a good one! Today I’m chatting with my friend Nova from Nova Markina Photography. She is an amazingly talented wedding photographer and educator, and all around just one of the loveliest people that I have you ever met in this […]

photo of nova markina from nova markina photography

Sandra Henderson 0:00When we’re living in our own little bubble as self-employed wedding photographers, and we’re scrolling through endless highlight reels of our colleagues, it can be so easy to start feeling like less-than; like our business isn’t running well, and our work just isn’t as good as everyone else’s. Sandra Henderson 0:15It’s only when […]

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