... even if it's gotten you this far.

Your old way of doing things in your wedding photography business just isn t working anymore...



So, what's the problem?

What’s going to set you apart from your competition is delivering an incredible client experience - going above and beyond so your clients never have a single doubt about their decision to hire you.

You never say “no”. You start promising faster turnaround times. You over-deliver quantities of photos. You send gifts. You give your clients 24/7 access to you in your texts, emails, and DM’s.

Standing out in the highly competitive wedding photography market these days takes so much more than talent behind your camera.

What about when you have 30 or more clients at one time?

What happens if you’re sick or dealing with yet another chronic illness flare-up?

Or, stick with me here… what happens if you take a vacation?! (Yes, friend. A vacation!)

All of a sudden you’re scrambling. You’re overwhelmed by all the things you didn’t get done while you were taking time off. You’re missing deadlines and feel like you’re never going to get caught up. You feel like you’re constantly apologizing to your clients and you know you’re not delivering the experience you wanted to… And then imposter syndrome starts to creep in. You start thinking to yourself, “everyone else seems to be able to do it all - why can’t I?”

It all takes mental and physical energy, and while it might be sustainable to do all the things when you have five, maybe even ten clients…

Real Talk


It was the beginning of my chronic illness journey, and I kept unexpectedly having to take time off. All of a sudden every gallery I sent out was late. I would ignore my inbox for days - sometimes even weeks - because I didn’t want to apologize to yet another client for dropping the ball. And I wasn’t taking care of myself in the slightest because I was living at my computer for 16+ hours a day, skipping meals, and only taking time off to rest when my body forced me to.

This is exactly where I was at in my business just five years ago.

My True Life Story

...felt like you’re just not cut out to be a wedding photographer. Maybe you've tried implementing systems before and it ended up creating more work for you, instead of taking some off your plate.

After trying out so many different systems in my own business, I almost gave up for those same reasons.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe you've...

These systems weren’t working for me because I was just doing what everyone else was doing. As someone with a chronic illness, I have unique needs that I need to respect and set boundaries around in order for me, my business, and my systems to work their best.

So, I tuned out all the noise. I used the basic foundations to building systems, and I found ways to simplify and streamline every aspect of my business behind-the-scenes…

… And that’s when everything changed.

Until one day, it finally clicked 💡 

I stopped missing deadlines, and I started getting rave reviews from clients again, delivering photos that I couldn’t be more proud of. But what was most surprising to me was that I was able to bring in more money while working significantly less.

Five years ago, I was convinced my time as a photographer had come to an end. And now? I’m working a four-day workweek while running two different businesses!

Beating every deadline by delivering galleries to your clients weeks before they're due.

Not having to apologize to a single client this year for forgetting to email them something they were expecting.

Sleeping *all day* the next time you get sick, without checking your email even one single time.

Saving yourself 10+ hours of work every single week using automated systems.

Enjoying a 'me' day filled with shopping, getting your hair done, having a dinner-date with your partner at your fav restaurant... and still making a sale.

Picture This:

I see so many wedding photographers going through the same struggles year after year, and so many of those same photographers tell me the same things:

“I don’t have systems in place, I don’t need them.”
“I don’t even know where to start, it’s so overwhelming.”
“I’m already so busy, I don’t have the time to start learning something new.”

That’s when I knew I needed to build a program that would help them get the same results.

Would eight weeks be worth it to you to make that happen?

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it's time to simplify the way you do things so you can get back to doing what you love

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Let's Recap
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Total Value: $8925
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